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Corinthians, Looking At Sale Proceeds Of Pato

Alexandre Pato of Corinthians has arrived to be part of the Chelsea team.

The winter transfer window is about to close for most teams now. Alexandre was held back from getting on the field as he was booked for intense training for fitness in the initial two months. The striker has only played two matches so far this season. He scored a single goal being in penalty position which was in substitute player form. At the start there had been two chances that he missed out.

Pato might not have made a great beginning, but his future is yet to be decided. The loan for him at Chelsea will finish by next month. The buy option for the player is 12 million in Euros. Corinthians would want to sell, but are also open to having the player reconstituted in the team. The two clubs are yet to make up their minds and hence, most media await the decision as does Pato’s agent.

Corinthians are hoping for a sale and are pushing the cause through Antonio Conte, who is the new manager at Chelsea. Conte is in favor of Pato is staying back in Chelsea. Preliminary rounds of discussions are on. Corinthians will end Pato’s contract by the end of December this year. He would be free to opt for any club or take a transfer for free. The club wants to make money through the sale of the player as they had spent 43 million when they had to obtain him from AC Milan. Alexandre was brought to Corinthians in 2013. The sale had occurred in Brazilian currency. That makes wages and transfer fees earned on Pato more attractive for Corinthians. If Chelsea decides to keep him now, Corinthian will be hopeful of making a profit on Pato’s transfer. The 26 year old awaits their decision.