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In this season, the club of Corinthians have played a total of 10 games but they still have some surprises that they can unveil for their fans.

The Timaoon the other hand hold a record of 3-1-3 in the Pualisto of Campeonato but Fabio Carille who is the manager is expected to continue tinkering in this weekend.

Some of the 11 reinforcements of the club signed before the 2019 have still not made a debut but some of those names are expected to make their 1st starts in the 8thmatchday.

Michel Marcedo, the right back was signed as a cover in lieu of Fagner and seems to be the starter (preferred) versus Botafago on the evening of Sunday.

He also told the press of MeuTimao that “I am very much happy and delightful for the opportunity so much. The rhythm or consistency of the game may emerge as an issue in the beginning, but with the passage of time and game everything will be surpassed.”

The arrival of Marcedo in the team has sparked relief to some extent and also a lot of celebration among the die-hard fans of the club of Corinthians because this club has lacked a proper back-up in lieu of Fagner for a lot of campaigns.

And suffice it to say, in addition to integration of Carille, who is a full back is now all set in order to announce some more reinforcements during the upcoming week in order to round out the 2019’s squad.

But all these speculations are yet to come from an official statement, so it will be very early to say anything regarding these rumors. But there are high chances that this will come true and will serve as a treat for their fans.