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Out of the 10 opening La Liga matches that Real Madrid has played

Out of the 10 opening La Liga matches that Real Madrid has played, they have sustained 4 victories, 2 draws and 4 defeats which has positioned them at the 9th spot while their rivals Barcelona are at the top in 1st place.


JulenLopetegui’s end of his run at the helm of Real Madrid was on October 28th after his team lost 1-5 against Barcelona. He could only stay in the managerial position of the Spanish club for around 3 months where he was able to collect 6 triumphs, 2 draws and 6 defeats, this record was not good enough for the head chiefs of Real Madrid as he was sacked and replaced by Santiago Solari who is currently serving as caretaker.

The departure of Cristiano Ronaldo has been a very tough blow for Real Madrid and it’s evident by the fact that they have only managed to score 14 goals in these opening 10 matches while their rivals Barcelona have netted 28 in that same number of matches.


For the past few seasons, Barcelona and Real Madrid have been on par with each other but things are starting to stray away in favor of Lionel Messi and his squad.


During “El Clasico” which was played on October 28th, the result displayed 5-1 in favor of Barcelona with the only player of Real Madrid who managed to score being Marcelo and the Brazilian defender has consistently been able to make impressive performances at least in comparison to others of his team who have underperformed in recent times.


To make matters worse, Marcelo has recently sustained an injury which will leave him out of action at least until mid-November.


He has been diagnosed with a muscular injury to his right hamstring,” the club said without announcing how long he would be sidelined for


Real Madrid would later announce that his expected recovery and time off the pitch would be around November 15-20, so this leaves the Spanish club without yet another good player for some time.