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The Premier League ended a few days ago but Ronald Koeman is already thinking about the upcoming seasons

Southampton’s Ronald Koeman is incredibly proud of what his team achieved in this past season as the club managed to finish their campaign at the 7th spot of the Premier League which is the best position in the history of the club but Ronald Koeman has stated that expectations are high and even with this outstanding season, he wants to accomplish more things in the near future with this team.

Ronald Koeman told reporters: It will be difficult next season, the expectation will be higher, but we can be proud about this season of Southampton. It is very difficult to get better because you get always a reaction from the bigger teams. But still, we believe in our qualities and the philosophy the club wants to bring. We try to bring young players in and play good football. If it’s the seventh or the eighth or the ninth position, it’s not all about position in the table.’’

Morgan Schneiderlin has been one of the standout performers for Ronald Koeman and Southampton in this season and the 25 year old French midfielder has caught the eyes of Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United.

All of those clubs have shown interest in signing the French player and Morgan Schneiderlin himself has admitted that he wants to perform in the Champions League and with Southampton that is not likely to happen anytime soon but these chances increase significantly if he joins a top club.

Even with the possible departure of Morgan Schneiderlin, Southampton’s Ronald Koeman still remains optimistic about the future of his club as the manager is certain that he and his team should be able to cope well without having the French player at his disposal.